Aeronaut Automation

Automated Cutting Systems & Software

Marine Industry

Hard-working automated cutters for hard-working sail makers... And boat builders... And mast makers.

Aeronaut Automation sets the benchmark for performance and price in sail maker’s and marine industry automated cutters. Powerful, accurate, highly versatile and very reliable. Our low-cost laser cutters, heavy duty rotary blade cutters and yarn layers or stringers are used all around the world where equipment is expected to work hard and to last more than just a few seasons.

Norths, Quantum, Ullmans, Sobstads, Marstroms, RMW, Dimension-Polyant, UK-Halsey, Doyles, Elvstrom Superyacht, Renegade Sails, China Sail and a host of owner operated sail lofts all rely on Aeronaut machinery to get the job done, whether it’s cutting heavyweight cloth for super yacht sails, or pre-preg composites for hulls and masts.

Aeronaut's Hypergrinder has revolutionised the fabrication of Hypalon RIBS for military, industrial and recreational use. The Hypergrinder does all the hard work abrading, marking and cutting Hypalon so it can be efficiently fabricated with around 75% less labour.

It doesn’t matter what you make in the marine industry... super yacht or dinghy sails, composite masts and hulls, boat covers and biminis, giant inflatable boats or seats and upholstery, an Aeronaut machine will cut it and carry on cutting it, year after year.

And almost everywhere string sails are made you’ll see Aeronaut yarn layers  or stringers... up to 10.5 metres wide and 45 metres long. Factories in the USA, Spain, Germany, China, Malaysia, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia are all working with Aeronaut hardware and software.

Unlike many manufacturers who make low-cost plotter-cutters, Aeronaut Automation offers a full range of heavy duty machines for work with industrial and recreational textiles... from simple single blade and marker pen to multi-tool plotter cutters, laser cutters and 10 metre wide yarn laying systems. And while our multi-tool machines are market leading in terms of power and versatility, our entry level machines like the Mikron or Elektron Mono LC are absolutely no-compromise in terms of engineering and performance.

Aeronaut cutters features a light and stiff gantry profile designed for the best speed and accuracy when cutting and minimum adjustment and maintenance over a long working life.

Elektron Quattro, Elektron Mono and Mikron cutters carry Aeronaut’s unique Cam-lock tooling. This means that even on the simplest machine you can change from a rotary blade to a drag blade, drill punch or creasing tool in just a few seconds, to tackle the most demanding jobs.

Aeronaut has been designing and supplying specialised machines for work in yarn laid or string sail production since 1996 and our systems are in use in factories all around the world. Yarn laying plotters are manufactured in widths from under 2 metres to machines spanning more than 10 metres with a wide range of different options available depending on the technology being used.