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Ink Jet Marking

Aeronaut cutters can be fitted with an Ink Jet Pen for off-contact marking.

Aeronaut Ink Jet Pen

The Aeronaut Ink Jet Pen is a specialised marking system which can be fitted to Aeronaut cutters for off-contact marking of materials where conventional pen marking is not possible. If you need to mark coarse, rough, open weave, highly absorbent or furry materials where a conventional pen marker will get caught in the fabric or markings will be invisible, the Aeronaut Ink Jet Pen will do the job.

The Aeronaut Ink Jet Pen sits at a distance of 5-20mms above fabric and has a marking speed of well over a metre a second on all materials, quickly and effectively solving marking problems on difficult materials.

The ink jet Pen is synchronised with the speed of the plotter so a series of ink dots can be made with a line quality which can be adjusted in software from a dense solid line to a widely spaced dotted line with highly visible dot size of approx. 0.8mm.

A good range of ink types is available from industry suppliers in most countries in nomal and UV-visible types with a wide range of drying times.


  • Zero fabric contact
  • Highly visible marking
  • Very high marking speeds
  • Wide range of line types
  • Marks abrasive fabric
  • Marks coarse fabric
  • Marks open weave fabric
  • Marks furry fabric
  • Marks absorbent fabric
  • Wide range of ink types from third party suppliers